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Configuration and StartUp Training Included

It’s Your Meeting - You Choose the Application

At Lifesize, we know there’s a better way to have an exceptional meeting experience because we’ve spent over a decade perfecting it. Meet Lifesize Icon Flex—a complete, business-class video and audio conferencing solution ideally suited for small meeting rooms that gives businesses the power of choice. So whether your business is using Microsoft® Lync®, Google Hangouts™, Cisco Jabber®, Skype™, or our favorite, Lifesize® Cloud, all you have to do is bring your laptop to the meeting and connect it to Lifesize Icon Flex for a video collaboration experience like no other.

And what makes Lifesize Icon Flex stand out from the rest is that our elegantly designed Lifesize Phone can also be used as a stand-alone conference phone, giving your company one less device to manage in the meeting room. Best of all, Lifesize stands by every solution we make with our world-class service and support team.

Your laptop. Your collaboration app. Lifesize Icon Flex. It’s that simple.

Lifesize Icon Flex Series- Full High Definition Videoconferencing System*
1000-0000-1177 Lifesize Icon Flex - Phone, 2nd Generation € 2,999
  Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS)*  
1000-2100-1177 Lifesize Icon Flex - DSS (1-year) € 660
1000-2200-1177 Lifesize Icon Flex - DSS (2-year) € 1,190
1000-2300-1177 Lifesize Icon Flex - DSS (3-year) € 1,600
* Device Software Subscription Contract (minimum 1-year) required with each product purchase