Since its inception, video conferencing systems were designed primarily for large meetings. Yet, it’s often the small teams that get the work done. The Lifesize Icon 400 is designed to bring the power of video collaboration to small meetings. Sized perfectly for huddle rooms and wherever small teams congregate, Lifesize Icon 400 delivers an unparalleled immersive experience that enables participants around the world to focus on sharing knowledge and achieving the objectives of the meeting. And when paired with Lifesize Cloud, there simply isn’t a more powerful, yet easy-to-use video conferencing solution in the world.

Lifesize Icon 400 Series- Full High Definition Videoconferencing System*
1000-0000-1179 Lifesize Icon 400 - Phone HD € 3,499
Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS)*
1000-2100-1175 Lifesize Icon 400 - DSS (1-year) € 660
1000-2200-1175 Lifesize Icon 400 - DSS (2-year) € 1,190
1000-2300-1175 Lifesize Icon 400 - DSS (3-year) € 1,600
* Device Software Subscription Contract (minimum 1-year) required with each product purchase

(VAT not Included / Configuration and start up training included)