Lifesize Icon 500

The small to medium-sized meeting room workhorse

4K quality with meeting room flexibility

Designed for a range of video conference room sizes, the Lifesize® Icon 500™ camera system delivers stunning 4K content sharing and brilliant 4K video quality with impressive meeting room flexibility. Set up your small meeting rooms with a Lifesize Icon 500 conferencing system and a single display, or size up to larger rooms by adding a dedicated display for full-screen presentations.

Lifesize Icon 500 Series- Full High Definition Videoconferencing System*
1000-0000-1188 Lifesize Icon 500 - Phone HD €4,999
  Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS)*  
1000-2100-1188 Lifesize Icon 500 - DSS (1-year) €899
1000-2200-1188 Lifesize Icon 500 - DSS (2-year) €1,799
1000-2300-1188 Lifesize Icon 500 - DSS (3-year) €2,499
* Device Software Subscription Contract (minimum 1-year) required with each product purchase

(VAT not Included / Configuration and start up training included)