Lifesize Icon 600 is a video system designed on one fundamental principle: simplicity. Setup takes minutes and starting a video call takes seconds. You will discover that making and receiving videos calls is as easy as using your smartphone.

We think you will find yourself preferring video over voice. Video accelerates connected relationships with your customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues through regular, face-to-face business conversations. When you have a question for one of your suppliers, just find them in your directory and call. Video is personal and powerful. You will get quick results, and your suppliers, partners and customers will be happier.

Lifesize Icon 600 Series- Full High Definition Videoconferencing System*
1000-0000-1180 Lifesize Icon 600 - 10x Optical PTZ Camera - Phone HD, Single Display, 1080P € 6,999
Lifesize Icon Series- License upgrade
1000-0000-0752 Lifesize Icon 600 - Dual Display license € 3,500
Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS)*
1100-2100-1161 Lifesize Icon 600 - DSS (1-year) € 990
1000-2200-1161 Lifesize Icon 600 - DSS (2-year) € 1,800
1000-2300-1161 Lifesize Icon 600 - DSS (3-year) € 2,380
* Device Software Subscription Contract (minimum 1-year) required with each product purchase

(VAT not Included / Configuration and start up training included)