Lifesize Icon 700

The premiere 4K cloud video conferencing experience

To be at your best, you need to meet at your best

Lifesize has revolutionized video communication with the most captivating experience possible — the definitive solution for both high-powered meetings and everyday communications.

Lifelike 4K image quality, ultra-high definition content sharing, superior sound and a breathtakingly powerful zoom combine to create a meeting room experience that’s 10X better than anything else in the market.

Lifesize Icon 700 delivers a breakthrough experience that makes video communication and content sharing not only seamless but second nature and truly represents the closest you can get to being in the same room.

Lifesize Icon 0 Series- Full High Definition Videoconferencing System*
1000-0000-1185 Lifesize Icon 700 - Phone HD €7,499
  Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS)*  
1000-2100-1185 Lifesize Icon 700 - DSS (1-year) €1,199
1000-2200-1185 Lifesize Icon 700 - DSS (2-year) €2,399
1000-2300-1185 Lifesize Icon 700 - DSS (3-year) €3,299
* Device Software Subscription Contract (minimum 1-year) required with each product purchase

(VAT not Included / Configuration and start up training included)