How to Run an Online Event – The Technical Aspect

Like any live event, there are many things to consider when you are preparing a successful online event. This starts from the analysis of the event, the design, the correct setup, the testing prior the event, the technical support during the event and the evaluation/feedback after the event.

1. Meeting Rooms: We will work with you to prepare the number of Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR) needed according to your agenda. VMRs can host up to 300 live participants.

Meeting Rooms

2. Invitations: As soon as the VMRs are agreed we can prepare the relevant invitations that will be sent to all participants. This invitation can be in the form of an agenda with the related links to click and join the specific VMR / session.

For Example:

15/5/2020 @ 7:00pm – Best Pharmacy Practices

15/5/2020 @ 8:00pm – Covid19 Virus Cure


3. Chairman / Speakers: Like any live event each meeting is having a chairman and keynote speakers for each session. You should mention these in your agenda like you always do.

Chairman and keynote speakers will receive an invitation to have a demo test of the VMR with our technical team several days before the event. The VMRs will be available for testing several days before the event.

Chairmen will still control the whole meeting keeping the time frames and the Q/A sessions. If a participant needs to ask a question, then they can use the raise hand icon to show that they need to ask something. Then the chairman can allow them / unmute their microphone to ask the question.

Chairman / Speakers

4. Record and Share: Record and Share lets you capture the meetings, conversations, events, ideas and even milestones and instantly share them. Your recordings are available as soon as you end the meeting — perfect for sending along with a meeting recap or sharing with teammates who were unable to join the online call.

Videos are encrypted during recording and at rest and can be set for internal-only sharing or public viewing outside of your organization. We can keep the recording on our server and can be used for playback without any downloads for a period of 3 months. You can download the recordings to your server at any time.

Record and Share

5. Technical Support: During the online meeting we can offer technical support like we always do during live sessions. Our Technician will join the meeting as an administrator and will control the AV part of the VMR. He will be responsible to have the VMR ready on time with a welcome banner (prepared by the customer) showing your sponsors, the name of the session… starting time… chairman, speakers etc…

The technician will be responsible to keep the microphones of the participants muted, initiate the recording, assist the chairman/speakers / guests in case it is needed allowing the chairman to concentrate in his own responsibilities. These tasks can be carried out by your own personnel and we can train them to do this very easily saving you additional expenses.

Technical Support


  • EASE OF USE – Just let us do the hard work. We are prepared and ready for the toughest tasks.
  • SECURITY – All calls are fully encrypted using Lifesize Cloud Security
  • AVAILABILITY – We have the resources to run unlimited sessions – powered by Lifesize
  • KNOW/HOW – We have 15 years of experience both in live events and video conferencing supporting the most demanding sessions.


  • VMR setup and 1st day of use : €150 + vat
  • VMR additional day : €100 + vat
  • Technical Support (Technician connected throughout the meeting) : €200 + vat / day